Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wrapping up a great season at New Hampshire Christmas tree farms

Thanks to everyone who visited a New Hampshire Christmas tree farm this season… our growers are always happy to help customers deck the halls for the holidays!

Our small tree farms do a healthy business in only a few short weeks each year – about $4 million worth. But when folks visit our farms to find a fresh tree, a beautiful wreath, or a unique gift, they also stop along the way at local restaurants, shops, and inns. We’re glad to be a part of the Granite State’s thriving holiday industry.

To learn more about New Hampshire Christmas tree farms, check out this fun story from New Hampshire Public Radio. 

After the holidays, tree farmers get to relax a bit and enjoy some downtime. But soon we’ll be back out in the fields, planting, pruning, shearing, mowing, and fertilizing. Rest assured, when Christmas rolls around again, we’ll have plenty of beautiful trees at the ready – for years to come. We hope to see you again next Christmas season!

In the meantime, if your Christmas tree is still out on the front porch or in the yard, and you’re wondering what to do with it now that the holidays are over, visit this page of the National Christmas Tree Association’s website for recycling tips – and to see some of the cool ways recycled trees are put to good use.