Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wrapping up a great season at New Hampshire Christmas tree farms

Thanks to everyone who visited a New Hampshire Christmas tree farm this season… our growers are always happy to help customers deck the halls for the holidays!

Our small tree farms do a healthy business in only a few short weeks each year – about $4 million worth. But when folks visit our farms to find a fresh tree, a beautiful wreath, or a unique gift, they also stop along the way at local restaurants, shops, and inns. We’re glad to be a part of the Granite State’s thriving holiday industry.

To learn more about New Hampshire Christmas tree farms, check out this fun story from New Hampshire Public Radio. 

After the holidays, tree farmers get to relax a bit and enjoy some downtime. But soon we’ll be back out in the fields, planting, pruning, shearing, mowing, and fertilizing. Rest assured, when Christmas rolls around again, we’ll have plenty of beautiful trees at the ready – for years to come. We hope to see you again next Christmas season!

In the meantime, if your Christmas tree is still out on the front porch or in the yard, and you’re wondering what to do with it now that the holidays are over, visit this page of the National Christmas Tree Association’s website for recycling tips – and to see some of the cool ways recycled trees are put to good use. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas from New Hampshire’s Christmas Tree Farms!

With only a week to go until Christmas, there’s still plenty of festive to go around at New Hampshire’s Christmas tree farms! Most of our farms are open through this weekend, with retail lots, cut-your-own tree, and holiday shopping available. Some farms cater to the last-minute holiday shoppers out there and will be open right through Christmas Eve.

To find out what’s happening at your favorite tree farm as the big day approaches, check out our interactive map and click on your farm of choice for details. 

Those of you who have already found your perfect Christmas tree and brought it home for trimming can find tips for keeping your tree farm fresh through the holidays at the tree care page on our website. 

And if you’re wondering what to do with your tree after the holidays, visit this page of the National Christmas Tree Association’s website for recycling tips – and to see some of the cool ways recycled trees are put to good use. 

From our farms to your home, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Welcoming the holidays at New Hampshire Christmas tree farms

It’s that time of year again… There’s a crispness to the breeze, a frost of white on the mountain peaks, and a magical twinkle in the air. Must be Christmastime!

At Christmas tree farms throughout New Hampshire, we look forward to this season all year long. Our farmers are busy through the hot summer months planting and pruning and shearing by hand many thousands of trees. So we love to see that work pay off with the coming of the Christmas season, when families arrive at our farms to find their perfect trees, browse gift shops, select hand-made wreaths, and enjoy the myriad other festivities of the holidays on the farm.

Each of our tree farms has distinct offerings, from choose-and-cut Christmas trees and horse-drawn wagon rides to Christmas carols and visits from Santa Claus. To find a farm to visit and learn more about what each one offers, explore our interactive map of New Hampshire Christmas tree farms. 

And before you head out to find your perfect tree for trimming, check out these Christmas tree selection tips from the pros: our farmers. You’ll also find suggestions for keeping your farm fresh Christmas tree, well, fresh, through the season at our website. For ideas on celebrating a green Christmas, check out this Blog post from a Christmas past.

We hope to see you this Christmas tree season at a New Hampshire Christmas tree farm!