Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Online orders, tree trimming tips, and Christmas tree fun facts from New Hampshire

The holiday season is upon us, and tree farms throughout New Hampshire are bustling with festive activity! To find out what’s happening at your favorite New Hampshire Christmas tree farm, check our interactive map

If you’re planning to purchase a mail order tree from one of our farms, you’ll need to do so soon! The ordering deadline for most mail order trees is around December 13th for delivery outside of New England, and December 18th for addresses closer to home. Many farms also offer handmade wreaths, tree accessories, ornaments and gifts through their online shops.

For those of you who are ready to trim the tree, the decorating options seem limitless! From color themes of silver-and-gold, red-and-green, or sparkling blue to a sentimental hodgepodge of cherished family ornaments, there are countless ways to decorate a tree. Homemade ornaments also add a festive and personal touch and can be eco-friendly to boot – think snowflakes cut from recycled paper, holiday ribbons tied to pinecones or sweetly scented cinnamon sticks, old Christmas cards cut into ornaments, and garlands of popcorn, cranberries and dried apples.

As we approach the Big Day, here are some fun Christmas tree facts:
* The first record of a decorated tree reaches back to 1510, when the local merchants’ guild decorated a tree in Riga, Latvia, with artificial roses.
* In the 1600s and 1700s, people in Germany commonly adorned Christmas trees with apples. In some parts of Austria and Germany, evergreen boughs were hung from ceilings and decorated with apples, gilded nuts, and colorful paper strips. Candles were added to Christmas trees in the 1700s.
* By the 1800s, Americans had caught onto the Christmas tree craze, and by mid-century, Christmas trees were sold commercially in the United States.
* New Hampshire’s own Franklin Pierce was the first president, in 1853, to decorate a Christmas tree at the White House.
* The first Christmas Tree farm in the U.S. was planted in 1901 in New Jersey, and in the 1930s President Franklin Roosevelt planted a Christmas tree farm at his Hyde Park, NY, estate.
* Today there are Christmas Tree farms in all 50 states, with some 15,000 tree farms throughout the country, covering about 350,000 acres (and preserving open space), employing over 100,000 people
* For every Real Christmas tree harvested, tree farmers plant up to 3 seedlings the following spring.
* It can take as many as 15 years to grow a tree of typical height (6 - 7 feet) or as little as 4 years, but the average growing time is 7 years.

Here’s hoping your holidays are happy ~ Merry Christmas to all!