Sunday, November 14, 2010

Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree is the center of your holiday decorating, and by selecting a tree from a New Hampshire Christmas tree farm you’re ensuring your Christmas tree will be fresh, fragrant, and beautiful. Here are a few tips for choosing a perfect Christmas tree:
    • Before you head to your favorite New Hampshire Christmas tree farm, make sure you know how tall and how wide you want your tree to be. Once you’re at the farm, be sure to measure the tree you select before bringing it home – it’ll look different in the field than it will when it’s set up in your home.
    • If you’re not sure which species of Christmas tree will be best for you, learn about the different kinds of trees at, or check with the staff at your Christmas tree farm.
    • Let the whole family join in the fun of choosing the perfect tree! Many New Hampshire Christmas tree farms offer refreshments, gift shops, and other activities on the farm, so you can create a day of family fun around bringing your tree home.
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And to make sure your tree stays fresh through the holiday season, follow the tree care tips here.